Let Honda of San Angelo Handle All Your Car Battery Needs

Car batteries are easily overlooked, until they fail us. Most of us have offered a hand to a fellow driver with a jumper cable, but our expert team in our Service and Parts Center find it their duty to take responsibility for our customers in San Angelo and the surrounding areas of Abilene, Midland and Brownwood for their car battery needs. 

Car batteries provide the charge that starts your car's engine and even help power electronic accessories such as interior lighting and the wiper. Reasons for car battery failure can vary, but are often due to electrical or mechanical problems. If you notice any unusual electrical behavior, such as dimming lights, this could indicate your battery is on its way out, and that's where our team comes in.

Your battery has a "shelf life" of three of five years, typically, and with our extensive inventory of certified Honda parts and accessories, we can go right to work in diagnosing and fixing these problems. If you think you're facing battery-related problems, here's a list of things you might check before giving our team a call. 

First, make sure your battery is properly secured. If installed improperly, the battery may be loose and detach with a simple jolt or movement. Vibration caused by an unsecured battery will affect its battery life. In addition to security, check your battery cables to make sure they are clean and also tightly connected. Buildup of oxidation and other debris on the terminals can negatively affect the flow of electricity. Keep an eye on these key factors to ensure your battery lasts as long as it should

In addition to our replacement services, Honda of San Angelo also offers battery inspections and service. We will do everything in our power to repair and care for your battery before replacing it, cutting down on cost and your time. Stay charged today and always with the assurance of a properly running battery. Call our Parts Center today at (866) 847-6071 or use our Online Service Appointment Scheduler to schedule your next appointment. 

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